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Family Law, Divorce, Estates and Trusts, Estate Planning, Will and Trust Contests, Real Estate Law, Mortgage Foreclosure Defense, Business Law, Tax Law, Internal Revenue Service, Taxes, Civil Litigation and General Practice.

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TRADITION SOFTWARE details offices by Illinois county where to record in person or mail construction liens and releases.

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Every member present shall vote on the question before the Board unless excused by the Chairman or unless be is directly interested. Printing and mailing of tax bills based on data provided by other county and state agencies on assessments, exemptions and tax rates.

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Subcommittees are given the authority to recommend items to any of the three standing committees prior to full board approval. The Chairman of the Board shall be solely responsible for scheduling committee meetings unless otherwise ordered by the Board.

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Learn more about collection services we provide on behalf of the County Courts at Law, Justices of the Peace and civil divisions of the County and District Clerks office.

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Information on cases is accessible to the public at a computer terminal located in the Probate Division and is also available on line thru the Macoupin County Circuit Clerk website via computer.

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In conjunction with the Road and Bridge Committee of the County Board, the County Engineer sets priorities for highway construction, administers the preparing and letting of contract proposals for bridge and road construction, and directs the staff through contract completion.

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