JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon once called bitcoin a fraud and said he is more interested in blockchain technology than crypto.

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    JPMorgan said in an emailed statement We continue to believe.

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    And Blockchain at JP Morgan said in an emailed statement.

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      Jamie Dimon says bitcoin is 'not my cup of tea' even as.

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    Now JPMorgan's turbulent relationship with bitcoin appears to be rapidly softening after the bank added its first crypto exchange customers and. JPMorgan Digital Currency Threat To Dollar Domination.

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    The statement represents a polar shift in attitude from JPMorgan's leaders Four years ago Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon branded Bitcoin. Barry Silbert on Twitter JPMorgan Bitcoin is fraud Goldman. Bitcoin can hit 146000 as gold plays factor JPMorgan Fox.

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      JP Morgan Chase Goldman Sachs etc are notorious for lying about such things for obvious reasons.

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    For now JPMorgan sees headwinds for the largest cryptocurrency with indicators like a buildup of speculative long positions and an increase in. Bitcoin is a fraud that will blow up says JP Morgan boss This article is more than 3 years old Jamie Dimon claims cryptocurrency is only fit.

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      As JP Morgan notes the value of gold and Bitcoin ETFs are about equal but the yellow metal is worth 26 trillion in total versus 240 billion for. We all know how those statements turned out Now Jamie Dimon CEO of JP Morgan came out and firmly said that Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a. JP Morgan has outlined three key reasons why investors should add bitcoin to their investment portfolios Small allocations to cryptocurrencies.

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    JPMorgan Chase JPM CEO Jamie Dimon is the latest in a long list of Wall Street's elite to warn about the dangers of Bitcoin even vowing to.

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    Bitcoin Bites Back as JP Morgan Sued for Surprise Fees. US Banks Begin to Support Cryptocurrency Payments.
    Jamie Dimon chairman CEO of JP Morgan Chase Co speaks.

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      JP Morgan says insurer's bitcoin foray shows rising demand. Bitcoin could hit US146000 says JPMorgan AFR.