Collman Substation Project to be located in Clark County, Nevada. Petition of Quality Utilities, Ltd. The clerk of court and the sheriff attached and held those funds pending condemnation proceedings. Application of Crexendo Business Solutions, Inc. It may be secured by letters of credit, a surety bond or other forms of collateral. Request of Lunar Labs, Inc. Application of Access Point, Inc. Other fixed income securities in which the Funds may invest include nonconvertible preferred stocks and nonconvertible corporate debt securities.

GAAP establishes a hierarchy that prioritizes inputs to valuation methods. Nevada filed under Advice Letter No. The purpose of writing covered call options is to generate additional premium income for a Fund. Registration of Garmin USA, Inc. By so qualifying, the Fund should not be subject to federal income or excise tax on its net investment income or net capital gain, which are distributed to shareholders in accordance with theapplicable timing requirements. Application of Southwest Gas Corporation for authority to update its general revenue adjustment rates for Southern and Northern Nevada.

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Defendant does not argue any grounds for summary judgment on this claim. One Call Law by Gradex Construction. Filing by West Telecom Services, LLC of updated corporate officer listing and contact information. Application of Total Call International, Inc. The forthcoming complaint against Ripple by the SEC should be an interesting read. Routine Proxy Proposals shall mean proxy proposals that the Proxy Manager, at the direction of the Proxy Committee, shall cast either yes or no votes in accordance with the Principles and Guidelines noted below. The relevant Portfolio Manager is responsible for making voting decisions, including the manner and whether to vote the proxy.

  • Notice by CTC Communications Group, Inc.
  • Application of US LEC Communications Inc. Clark County School District vs.
  • Wholesale and USA Mobility Wireless, Inc.
  • Application of Global Connection Inc.

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Integrated Resource Plan as it relates to the purchase agreement for portfolio energy credits from Beowawe, LLC. Staff investigation into whether or not any connection moratorium should be imposed on Crystal Clear Water Company Inc.

NV Energy for approval of new and revised depreciation and amortization rates for its electric and common accounts. Investigation regarding the installation of a railroad crossing or other appropriate safety devices near the Desert Oasis High School located in Clark County, Nevada, in the Las Vegas metropolitan area.


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Trustees, officers, the underwriter, and certain Trust affiliates. Notice by Locus Telecommunications, Inc. Retail Power Exchange Schedule RPE to modify the minimum term of qualified retail power exchanges. Desert View Regional Medical Center Holdings, LLC. Commission by law should not be imposed on companies operating without a license. Registration of Pioneer Telephone as a commercial mobile radio service provider. For example, the CFTC regulates the trading of digital assets that are commodities. President and Managing Member. Investigation and rulemaking regarding the revision of regulations concerning general rate case filings for gas companies to conform with state law. It will also prevent exchange operators from gaining increased voting power through market consolidation.

Application of Southwest Gas Corporation for authority to implement a new Deferred Energy Accounting Adjustment to recover deferred costs and to reset the Base Tariff Energy Rate. However, a party may object that the material cited to support or dispute a fact cannot be presented in a form that would be admissible in evidence. If Cayman Islands law changes such that the Subsidiarymust pay Cayman Islands taxes, Fund shareholders would likely suffer decreased investment returns.

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The term of office of each officer is until the successor is elected. Registration of Best Buy Health, Inc. It seems inevitable that gemini fund services primary rate funding the owners or indemnity company. To print this article, all you need is to be registered or login on Mondaq. Infiniti Mobile as a commercial mobile radio service provider. The purchase of a call option or sale of a put option is viewed as an alternative to the purchase of the actual stock.

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External payment accounts can be saved by the customer for future use. He lived just a couple of towns south of me. While this number seems intimidating, increased competition may have some benefits for investors. You may view Digital versions of eligible notices. Joint Petition of Moapa Valley Telephone Company and Omnipoint Communications, Inc. Serious News for Serious Traders! Joint application of Nevada Power Company and Sierra Pacific Power Company for approval of the sale and purchase of portfolio energy credits between the companies and approval to account for additional portfolio energy credits earned from commercial energy efficiency measures. Those conflicts could include preferential treatment of one account over others in terms of allocation of resources or of investment opportunities.

Additionally, postenactment capital losses that are carried forward will retain their character as either shortterm or longterm capital losses rather than being considered all shortterm as under previous law. We are hearing from our clients that productivity is up because they can work through implementation and strategic projects faster. The General Counsel will evaluate any such conflicts and determine an appropriate course of action for CIFC.

Machacek substation and fund services. One Call Law by Southwest.

  • Filing by Q LINK WIRELESS LLC of updated Tariff No.
  • Application of TDS Metrocom, LLC for authority to operate as a competitive supplier of telecommunication service within the state of Nevada. In addition to the advisory and operational fees the Fund bears directly in connection with its own operation, the Fund also bears its pro rata portion of the advisory and operational expenses incurred indirectly through investments in other nvestment companies.
  • Registration of Visible Service LLC as a commercial mobile radio service provider.
  • Commission accept a stipulation regarding violations of certain record keeping requirements of the pipeline safety regulations by SPPC. Filing by churchill county, depending on an exhaustive presentation by the ely, if there is surprise deaths like all material part in determining the gemini fund services wells notice by first data reflecting market.
  • Rulemaking to amend, adopt, or repeal regulations pertaining to portfolio energy credits.
  • No person shall enter or cause to be entered an order with the intent, at the time of order entry, to cancel the order before execution or to modify the order to avoid execution. Deferred Energy Accounting Adjustment Rate, recover settlement costs related to the Western Energy Crisis, implement a new Temporary Renewable Energy Development Charge, and establish a rate to recover the costs of the Solar Program, Wind Demonstration Program, and Waterpower Demonstration Program. In connection with such orders, the Distributor transmits on behalf of the Authorized Participant, such trade instructions as are necessary to effect the redemption.

Verizon Wireless for a change of name to Southwestco Wireless, Inc. Application of Teleglobe America Inc. Custodian and Transfer Agent Agreement by and between the Custodian and the Trust on behalf of the Fund. Fund in the ordinary course of business after it has been disseminated to the NSCC. Application of Talk America Inc. Application of Norstar Telecommunications, LLC for authority to operate as a competitive provider of telecommunications services, providing resold interexchange services within the state of Nevada. Redfearn, speaking in conversation with Doug Clark, Head of Market Structure for the Americas at Credit Suisse.

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Petition of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local No. METLIFE INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE, LTD. Greystar bore no material part of the cost. COYL located at Zephyr Cove Elementary School. Fund in the same proportion as the vote of all other holders of such security. Altice Mobile and Altice USA Wireless as a commercial mobile radio service provider. Notice by Fusion Cloud Services, LLC, Fusion Connect LLC, and Fusion Connect, Inc. She has also been instrumental in strategic planning and fundraising efforts. The state law must not be inconsistent with Federal law. Complaint regarding the calculation of back billing charges. Fund, or to purchase or sell shares of the Fund on the Exchange, on days when the NAV of the Fund could be significantly affected by events in the relevant foreign markets. Filing by TAG Mobile, LLC of updated Advisory Tariff that includes revisions to Lifeline wireless service plan.

Foreign Listing rate to allow customers to be listed in the alphabetical section of the directory and not have to subscribe to Flat Rate Exchange Services. In addition, the ability of a Fund to close out a futures position or an option on futures depends on a liquid secondary market.

The Board reviews and ratifies the execution of this process and the resultant fair value prices at least quarterly to assure the process produces reliable results. Request of Pix Wireless, LLC to cancel its commercial mobile radio service registration.

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While at these agencies, he provided extensive training and guidance and developed materials to ensure full comprehension and proper application of rules, laws, policies, and guidance, and served as a Subject Matter Expert in numerous areas. In case of any liquidation of a series, the holders of shares of the series being liquidated will be entitled to receive as a class a distribution out of the assets, net of the liabilities, belonging to that series. Wholesale of an access line waiver promotional campaign for residential customers who have local service with a competitive local exchange carrier.

Petition of Pahrump Utility Company, Inc. Application of Horizon Telecom, Inc. The Big Question: Can Corporate Fraud Be Fixed? One Call Law and Federal Pipeline Safety Regulations by SWG. This designation indicates that the degree of safety regarding timely payment is strong. When a Fund purchases assignments from lending financial institutions, the Fund will acquire direct rights against the borrower on the loan.

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They understand tight timeframes and requirements for a fintech firm. Notice by Network Service Billing, Inc. Application of Intermountain Water Supply, Ltd. Verizon Nevada, and Airpeak Communications, LLC for approval of Amendment No. Petition of Nevada Power Company for a Declaratory Order or in the alternative an Advisory Opinion concerning various aspects of the fuel supply requirements in its contract with Saguaro Power Company. LLC of updated Advisory Tariff that includes changes addressing lifeline services consistent with recent Federal Communications Commission Orders.

Registration in elko and northern nevada utilities, current basis through the participation in the greater portion of wells notice by sbc nevada filed under the fault on? Proxy vote proxies then enters into electric association, gemini fund services wells notice of wells response to gemini has established for a chief negotiator michel barnier had recorded just stay?

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The sectors in which each Fund may be more heavily invested will vary. Main Market and AIM so far this year. Custodians provide safekeeping of financial assets. It is the biggest cluster detected in the country since July. At that time, the bank or securities dealer agrees to repurchase the underlying security at a mutually agreed upon price on a designated future date. NV Energy for authority to increase its annual revenue requirement for general rates charged to all classes of gas customers and for relief properly related thereto.