Highly accurate benchtop and portable digital density meters for a wide range of applications, but wets it thoroughly.

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    Students are introduced to the important concept of density.

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      You can calculate the volume of these objects quite easily!

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      Did adding salt and sugar to the water make the water more dense or less dense?

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    The method involves direct measurement of the volumes of the objects because they have simple geometric shapes. Tell students that they can find mass by weighing the water.

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      Remember to record this number to the tenths of degrees.

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    Read the volume by looking at the cylinder at eye level and recording the volume at the bottom of the meniscus. There are lots of steps when measuring density with a balance. Id in density the cylinder with which had the liquid volume in. Show the slope calculation on your graph.

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      Density of the solid sample can be determined from the known density of the liquid and the two mass values.