Family Program

The 12 Step recovery process used in the 3 day Family Program is consistent with the client’s treatment program. The program is open to family members aged 14 and older, at no additional cost. There is a small fee for meals eaten at the centre, and families must arrange and pay for their own transportation and off site accommodation. A listing of Grande Prairie hotels can be provided.

The Family Program is a critical element in the treatment and recovery of clients and their families because alcohol and other drug abuse causes difficulties for the whole family. Everyone gains a greater understanding of addiction and how it has affected them. As well, participation in the Al-Anon program allows family members to become involved in their own recovery as they learn to apply the 12-Steps to their own healing process. Family program participants are required to attend the full 3 days.

Family Program Component
Why participate?

The Family Program helps families to understand how they have been affected by alcohol and/or drug abuse. It gives them information, skills and assistance to begin their own recovery. The Family Program is a critical element to the treatment and recovery of the alcoholic and/or addicted family member. Alcohol and/or drug use not only causes problems for people at work, but it also causes severe problems for families. The family can be involved in person onsite or via written letter. Please see attachments for the details of these options.

The Family Program consists of:
  • Group Counseling
  • Information sessions
  • Learning new skills
  • The option of participating in the Al-Anon family program
  • Psycho educational group sessions
  • Leisure programming
  • Experiencing support and recovery
What is the purpose of the family program?
  1. For the family to understand how the disease of chemical dependency has affected their family.
  2. For the family to become familiar with and committed to a 12-Step recovery process.
  3. For the family to have an opportunity to heal, and to receive information that will help develop recovery skills.
  4. For the alcoholic/addicted client to accept responsibility in rebuilding relationships and to receive information that will assist in that process.
  5. For the client and his/her family to learn and practice communication skills in order to better express feelings and discuss concerns.

To accomplish the above objectives we use lectures, videos and group counselling sessions for family members, and self-help meetings.

When does it occur & how long is it?

Currently, family programming is being offered every three weeks.  It is three days in length (Monday 8:30 am to Wednesday 12:00 pm).

Family members are welcome to call the Clinic for help in deciding whether to attend the family program.