Alcohol and other drug use in the workplace costs Alberta business and industry more than $2.8 billion per year in lost productivity. It also costs lives. If left untreated, substance abuse contributes to:

  • Unsafe work practices, accidents and increase risk of injury
  • Depression, stress, reduced morale and other emotional problems
  • Increased absenteeism, and higher workers’ compensation and insurance costs
  • Illness related to alcohol and other drug use


Since 1994, the Business & Industry Clinic has worked with employees, employers and unions to explore substance use in the Alberta workplace. Our Business & Industry Clinic programs were designed in consultation with professionals in business, industry, occupational health, Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and Employee and Family Assistance Programs (EFAP).

Based on an individualized assessment and treatment plan, and incorporating ongoing contact and consultation with referral agents, the clinic’s programs focus on helping employees start their recovery process while at the Clinic and then supporting them to continue addictions recovery as they move back into the workforce.

The Alberta Health Services It’s Our Business: Workplace Information Series offers basic information related to substance use and gambling in the workplace.